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How to Signup for Amazon’s Wedding Registry

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

/ by Roshan


How to Signup for Amazon’s Wedding Registry

Step 1 – Amazon Account

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you must first sign up for one.  This is very straight forward process where you add your name, email address and password.


Step 2 – Wedding Registry Creation

The second step is to create your Amazon wedding registry.  After clicking “Create Wedding Registry” you will be prompted through the following three pages:

·          About You

·          Your Wedding

·          Your Privacy

Here is how to fill in the those pieces of information

1.   First enter your full names and include your positions (i.e., Bride, Groom, or Partner)

2.   Next you will be asked to check off whether or not you would like to invite your partner to edit your registry. Don’t forget to check this option, unless of course your partner has given you free reign and doesn’t want to be included in this process. I would highly doubt this is the case — Hello?! Gifts that you have chosen for yourself, who wouldn’t want to be included!

3.   Finally, you will need to add the primary address to where the gifts should be sent.  Tip:  Amazon doesn’t offer the service to hold gifts at this time.  If you are going to be away on your honeymoon and unable to accept packages, you might consider having gifts sent to a friend or relatives address so they can accept and hold the packages until you return.

4.   The fourth and final task on this page is to check off whether or not you would like Amazon to give third-party sellers your address. Which means that many products on Amazon are actually sold through third-parties.  Keep in mind that not all items can be shipped internationally.  If your registry has an international shipping address.

Also, note that some items may become unavailable from the 3rd party seller from the time you add the time to your registry and when a guests actually buys. You should regularly updating your registry so that all items are available.

Step 3 – Info about your Wedding

·          Enter your wedding date

·          Enter your wedding location

·          You can also enter the number of guests attending, but this is an optional choice.

·          Another great benefit is that you can tell your guests you are going green! I know that it’s super fun to unwrap presents like it’s Christmas morning, but if you’d rather save a tree or two, choose to tell your guests that you would prefer no gift wrap.  Of course, it is entirely up to your guests whether they listen or not.

Step 4 – Registry Privacy Settings

There are 3 visibility settings to choose from when setting up your registry. You can update this information at any time.

·          Anyone can see this Wedding Registry: If you are counting on a complete stranger stumbling upon your registry and buying you a gift, than by all means choose this setting.  This is also a good option to choose if you know that some of your parents’ friends/neighbors who aren’t invited to the wedding, but may want to send a gift anyways.

·          Only people with a link can see this Wedding Registry:  If you are private person and would like your event to be kept on the down low, this would be the better option to select.

·          Only you can see this Wedding Registry: This is the best option to choose when initially building out your fantastic wish list.  You can opt to change to one of the other privacy settings once complete.

Privacy Settings: There are also privacy checkbox settings.

·          Include registry in search result on The To select this option, your registry must first be visible to everyone. has teamed with and, to enable your registry showing up on those sites as well. This is supposedly to help guests find your registry more easily. Although, I think if your guests already have the link, they will be able to find you just fine.

·          Signing up for email updates with regards to your status of your registry.  Checking this box will give you email updates when a gift has been purchased.

·          Signing up to receive product offers and discounts. This options is more for Amazon to have your email address for future marketing.  Unless you want a potentially bloated inbox, I would just leave this box unchecked.

Step 5 – Add Gifts to Your Registry

The fun part – adding gifts!

Amazon makes it really easy for you to shop online and find the products you want.  The more difficult part is not adding absolutely everything to your registry.

Once you have found the item that you would like, add the quantity and then click Add to Registry, like the picture below.

What Else Can I Do With My Amazon Registry?

Do you have a few gifts on your registry that you need more than others? Let guests know by setting the priority on those items to say High Priority as seen in the photo below.  Once you set a priority, your guests will be able to see which gifts are top on your wish list.

You can add comments to each product for guests to read.  This is a fun way to tell your guests why you might need a certain item and how it will come in handy in the future.

And here is what your guests will see:

Add a personal touch to your wedding registry by uploading a small profile photo and change the cover photo.


Your wedding registry can easily be shared by through your personal networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even email.

Or you can embed your wedding registry on your website with a provided HTML code.

Amazon Wedding Registry Pros & Cons


·          Largest online selection of brands and items

·          Ability to add items to your registry from a variety of online retailers through Universal Capabilities tool

·          Free shipping available

·          Helpful customer reviews and user submitted questions and answers

·          Gift certificates are accepted on registries

·          Free returns of gifts; the gift giver wont know the gift was returned

·          Ability to add comments and set a priority for each item


·          Amazon doesnt offer holding gifts at this time

·          If an order is placed with a third party seller, returns and customer service are handled by that seller. In that case, you must contact your gift giver to initiate the return

·          Not all items can be shipped internationally

·          Cant walk into a store to see the actual item you are buying

·          Some items may become unavailable from the 3rd party seller, so you will need to regularly check your registry

·          If a guest buys something from somewhere else, you need to find out that retailers return policy. Some only give in-store credit and must be returned in person


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