PUBG Mobile India will likely launch before March 2021


An official of PUBG Corporation has said that the launch of PUBG Mobile India will not take place before March next year.



PUBG Mobile will not return to India till March next year.

An official of PUBG Corporation said that people have to live with it.

PUBG Mobile was banned by the government earlier this year.

According to a company official, Pub Mobile India will not launch till March 2021. This comes close to the reactions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MITY) to two separate RTI applications filed by the media. P.U.B.G. The corporation is awaiting government approval to bring back the war royals, a global version of which was banned earlier this year. Even though a new version called PubG Mobile India has been censored, PUBG Corporation still seems to be facing difficulties in moving forward.

With the current situation, PUBG Corporation Mobile India does not seem optimistic about the launch. “PUBG Efforts were made with due diligence, but the situation is such that no progress has been made in this regard. "For the next few months, we don't see the game making a comeback in India for the past few months, at least not before March 2021," a PubG Corporation official said in a report from InSidePort. It is unfortunate but everyone has to live with it. This will mean that PUBG Mobile India is coming soon, not even around the New Year.

This news can be as disappointing as PUBG mobile being able to run through global versions in India. So those who know the way around PUBG Mobile, do not pay much attention to launching PUBG Mobile India like some others. Although the void left by PUBG Mobile was filled with a choice of Call of Duty Duty Mobile and Garena Freefire, passionate PUBG mobile players have launched a new version, though they will have to use censored elements in the game.

The launch of PUBG Mobile India was first raised by PUBG Corporation during the Diwali week, raising hopes among players that their favorite Battle Royale is coming soon. There are compromises that they have to make but the game is at least coming. However, the makers of PUBG Mobile India have failed to budget the government for its tough decision. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile due to cyber security concerns. All these expectations which were banned have been taken care of by PUBG Corporation with PUBG Mobile India, but these changes are lessening in assuring the government.

MTY also said in response to two RTI applications that it does not allow any game or app to be launched. This seems a bit misleading as it is the IT Ministry that has the right over India’s internet sector. The ministry banned the applications earlier this year. Moreover, PubG Corporation got a new company called Pubji Mobile India, which was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Bangalore a few days ago.

For those who have a price, it will be difficult for PUBG Mobile to return to the Indian gaming segment. But beyond that, PUBG Mobile shines. It has emerged as the top-earning mobile game of 2020, according to a survey by analytics company Censor Tower.


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