What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce?

What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce?

Welcome once again to IndianTechnology.xyz Friends, in this post today we are going to talk about What is Bounce Rate and How To reduce bounce rate and in the first post we talked about the story of ocean churn and Let's hope more about his symbolism and you will like all our articles.

Which will make it easier for you to understand it even better, as well as you should read the entire article because in the final, today I am going to give you some tips which will be very useful in your site later. So let's start delaying the work and know what it is Bounce Rate?

What is Bounce Rate

If you are trying to increase the search performance of your blog or site and it is not happening, then the secret hidden behind it is to first reduce the Bounce Rate. But there are some mistakes in this. There is something wrong with your plan. We will talk further about what is wrong.

So what is this Bounce Rate, when a visitor comes to your website What is Bounce Rate and a page means visit the entrance page and it goes back after that, then it is called Bounce. But Bounce Rate means this is the percentage of visitors who come to your page and go back without clicking on another page.

This means that visitors came and went back immediately without opening any other page or without reading your article. But if this is happening, how to reduce bounce rate, then it is proving that the post on your site is not so interesting or you are not putting much value in it.

Apart from this, it can also be that its design is not very special, the heading is also not attractive. If the Bounce Rate will be high then you should understand that the visitors of your site are decreasing what is the Bounce Rate and if the visitors are decreased then the rank will decrease and ultimately the income will also be less. So, taking an example, let me explain what the Bounce Rate is.

If there is a website or a blog, whose bounce rate is 43%. This means that 43% visitors to that website are such that they open a page and go back immediately. Perhaps they have not found anything worth reading for them. There can be many reasons for this, about which we will learn further.

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What should be the bounce rate

To understand it properly, I have divided it into four parts.

  1. 1% to 10% 4

  2. 10% to 40%

  3. 40% to 70%

  4. More than 70%

If a blog has a bounce rate within 1% to 10%, then it comes in the list of successful websites of the world. After that, if it comes from 10% to 40% then it is Nice. Whereas in the third which is 40% to 70%, most of the websites are included on this basis. Which is not so good but the work is worth going.

If we talk about all websites, then 75% to 80% of the total websites fall in this category. And after all, websites whose bounce rate is more than 70%, what is bounce rate is not good at all and they have to do a lot of work on their website.
If you are wondering whether all types of websites have the same bounce rate, then the answer is no. The bounce rate varies for different types of websites. Here I have given information about some of his figures, which are as follows:

  • Websites with content - 40-60%

  • Lead generating websites - 30-50%

  • Blogs - 70-98%

  • Retail business sites - 20-40%

  • Websites providing any services - 10-30%

  • Landing Pages - 70-90%

Which mistakes cause a website or blog to have higher Bounce Rate

These are some of the mistakes a blogger makes on a common basis, which you must pay attention to.

  • the loading time of the website is high.

  • To have a Single Page Site.

  • Having poor quality contents.

  • Internal link visitor should like it.

  •  Ranking on wrong keywords for Traffic.

  • Because of the lack of quality and content that the user likes.

  • Your website design to be useless.

  • Muffling of Formating.

  • Heading of your content must be special.

How to reduce bounce rate?

1. Site Design and Look Should Be Good

See, friends, you like what you see and then you are attracted. In the same way, if your website and blog look good, then visitors will come to your website automatically and they will also love to read the content. What is Bounce Rate Whenever you are designing your blog, it is very important to have knowledge of Color Combination? You have to know that your visitors will like which colour site.

Choose the font colour and text size correctly, such as if you reddish the font of the entire text, then the reader will be able to kiss it and also keep the text size correct which the visitor should not face any problem in reading. Because there is a saying customer is God how to reduce bounce rate and to make God sad means to kick in your stomach. If you have given a whole lot of animation in your site, then that too does not seem special.

2. Pay attention to Page Load Time

If the page load time of your site is longer. If you are a blogger, then definitely gore on this and it is also very important for SEO.

  • Less than 1-second means- Perfect.

  • 1 second to 3-second malt-Above average is

  • 3 second to 7 seconds mean-average

  • More than 7 means- Very poor

Use limited image and low size image on-page, this will reduce page load time.

3. Write Content Quality

If your content is not of quality, then the visitor will automatically go back from your site, because there are many websites that will be providing better content than your website. What is Bounce Rate like if you are writing content and not giving the right information there, you are writing what came to mind?

If you are giving wrong information in your site, then user means Visitor will take wrong decision according to it, which will bring back the result

As such, Visitor quickly understood what you have written and will grow trust on the site. How To reduce bounce rate Friends, if you give quality content, it will take some time but Visitor will be good and the bounce rate of your site will also be reduced slightly.

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4. Enter Visitors Friendly Heading

Anyone would feel bad for something from outside and something from inside. Often bloggers make this mistake and use clickbait headings which is not true at all.

What is Bounce Rate and the Heading that has been given, something like this and Topic has been written about? This will reduce the trust of visitors from the top of your site. I meant to say that the heading of your post should be understandable. Like I am giving an example.

So what will happen with this, you will know that the Bounce Rate of your site will be higher. Keep your content updated as much as possible. So that you get the right information and Visitor should stay on your side. Rank in Google will also be very quick due to good content.

5. Focus on Content Formating

It is a straightforward matter, write as well as you can. If you will write here and there, you will not be able to do the formatting of your page or your post, then how will Visitor feel. When editing the post, then put a little emphasis on the tag which is to be inserted.

Focus a little on what is Bounce Rate and Paragraph formating. Also, everyone loves to read Formatted Contents.


I have told you through this post and hope that you will like the post, I also hope that you will also read all our posts, if you will find all our posts If you like it then you can tell us by commenting so that we can do more improvement in our writing skills?


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