Best Free Online Software for Computer

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Best Free Online Software for Computer

In today’s time, there is very few good software for computers, which are of your use. If you are thinking of buying software for a computer, then before you buy the software, you can use the online free software mentioned in this post. Make sure to use it, you will find it absolutely free on the internet. What address is your problem? Solve its online software.

If you do any professional work, then you need such software very much. And if you have to work now and you do not have that software on your computer, then you may have a lot of problems. But by reading this post you Can solve that problem on its own.

Let’s know about Free Online Software


  1. Soundation – Music Creation

Soundetion is very good software. It gives such tools and effects. Only comes with professional music studio software.

You can install it in your browser windows. It has more than 600 audio loops and samples. In this, you can save and publish songs by creating a free account.

If you want the service of recording, you can use its paid plan.

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  1. Photoshop Editor

The online photo editor of adobe is very good for basic image adjustment. With this, you can easily do work like crop, resize, rotate in basic editing.

If you want, you can also work like white balance, soft focus and highlight. There is also an option to fix the quality of any picture in the software so that we can make the low-quality image a little better.

You can save the app image on the computer or upload it on Flickr, Facebook or Picasa.

3. pdf tool

  • With the help of, you can remove the ban on any PDF.
  • With the help of, you can join multiple files at once.
  • The helps of, you can separate the PDF of your work from multiple PDFs.
  • Watermarking, compression, and rotation can be done on PDF with the help of
  • You can protect your PDF with a password from website.

  1. Pixlr

This is an online photo editor. You can prepare (create) new images online using this software. You can upload any image from the computer in it, and open any photo from the url. Are

It has many tools that support layers of layers. It also has many filter effects, levels, controls. And you can save any image on your computer.



  1. OCR

With the help of OCR online, you can convert any scanned documents, PDF files, to a text file and use it according to your own.

To convert any file to text, you have to sign up a cwik.

If you are scanning, then you set it to 300 dpi. In this, you first upload your document, then you can change the format according to your wish.

  1. Video Toolbox

This video editor is mostly used in editing the file format. With its help, you can also change the format of the video.

If you want, you can also add watermark. You can merge the video here, take screenshot and you can remove the part of the video which is not required, and it also gives 1GB cloud storage.

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