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How to Signup for Amazon’s Wedding Registry

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How to Signup for Amazon’s Wedding Registry


Step 1 – Amazon Account

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you must first sign up for one.  This is very straight forward process where you add your name, email address and password.

Step 2 – Wedding Registry Creation

The second step is to create your Amazon wedding registry.  After clicking “Create Wedding Registry” you will be prompted through the following three pages:

·          About You

·          Your Wedding

·          Your Privacy

Here is how to fill in the those pieces of information

1.   First enter your full names and include your positions (i.e., Bride, Groom, or Partner)

2.   Next you will be asked to check off whether or not you would like to invite your partner to edit your registry. Don’t forget to check this option, unless of course your partner has given you free reign and doesn’t want to be included in this process. I would highly doubt this is the case — Hello?! Gifts that you have chosen for yourself, who wouldn’t want to be included!

3.   Finally, you will need to add the primary address to where the gifts should be sent.  Tip:  Amazon doesn’t offer the service to hold gifts at this time.  If you are going to be away on your honeymoon and unable to accept packages, you might consider having gifts sent to a friend or relatives address so they can accept and hold the packages until you return.

4.   The fourth and final task on this page is to check off whether or not you would like Amazon to give third-party sellers your address. Which means that many products on Amazon are actually sold through third-parties.  Keep in mind that not all items can be shipped internationally.  If your registry has an international shipping address.

Also, note that some items may become unavailable from the 3rd party seller from the time you add the time to your registry and when a guests actually buys. You should regularly updating your registry so that all items are available.

Step 3 – Info about your Wedding

·          Enter your wedding date

·          Enter your wedding location

·          You can also enter the number of guests attending, but this is an optional choice.

·          Another great benefit is that you can tell your guests you are going green! I know that it’s super fun to unwrap presents like it’s Christmas morning, but if you’d rather save a tree or two, choose to tell your guests that you would prefer no gift wrap.  Of course, it is entirely up to your guests whether they listen or not.

Step 4 – Registry Privacy Settings

There are 3 visibility settings to choose from when setting up your registry. You can update this information at any time.

·          Anyone can see this Wedding Registry: If you are counting on a complete stranger stumbling upon your registry and buying you a gift, than by all means choose this setting.  This is also a good option to choose if you know that some of your parents’ friends/neighbors who aren’t invited to the wedding, but may want to send a gift anyways.

·          Only people with a link can see this Wedding Registry:  If you are private person and would like your event to be kept on the down low, this would be the better option to select.

·          Only you can see this Wedding Registry: This is the best option to choose when initially building out your fantastic wish list.  You can opt to change to one of the other privacy settings once complete.

Privacy Settings: There are also privacy checkbox settings.

·          Include registry in search result on The To select this option, your registry must first be visible to everyone. has teamed with and, to enable your registry showing up on those sites as well. This is supposedly to help guests find your registry more easily. Although, I think if your guests already have the link, they will be able to find you just fine.

·          Signing up for email updates with regards to your status of your registry.  Checking this box will give you email updates when a gift has been purchased.

·          Signing up to receive product offers and discounts. This options is more for Amazon to have your email address for future marketing.  Unless you want a potentially bloated inbox, I would just leave this box unchecked.

Step 5 – Add Gifts to Your Registry

The fun part – adding gifts!

Amazon makes it really easy for you to shop online and find the products you want.  The more difficult part is not adding absolutely everything to your registry.

Once you have found the item that you would like, add the quantity and then click Add to Registry, like the picture below.

What Else Can I Do With My Amazon Registry?

Do you have a few gifts on your registry that you need more than others? Let guests know by setting the priority on those items to say High Priority as seen in the photo below.  Once you set a priority, your guests will be able to see which gifts are top on your wish list.

You can add comments to each product for guests to read.  This is a fun way to tell your guests why you might need a certain item and how it will come in handy in the future.

And here is what your guests will see:

Add a personal touch to your wedding registry by uploading a small profile photo and change the cover photo.


Your wedding registry can easily be shared by through your personal networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even email.

Or you can embed your wedding registry on your website with a provided HTML code.

Amazon Wedding Registry Pros & Cons


·          Largest online selection of brands and items

·          Ability to add items to your registry from a variety of online retailers through Universal Capabilities tool

·          Free shipping available

·          Helpful customer reviews and user submitted questions and answers

·          Gift certificates are accepted on registries

·          Free returns of gifts; the gift giver wont know the gift was returned

·          Ability to add comments and set a priority for each item


·          Amazon doesnt offer holding gifts at this time

·          If an order is placed with a third party seller, returns and customer service are handled by that seller. In that case, you must contact your gift giver to initiate the return

·          Not all items can be shipped internationally

·          Cant walk into a store to see the actual item you are buying

·          Some items may become unavailable from the 3rd party seller, so you will need to regularly check your registry

·          If a guest buys something from somewhere else, you need to find out that retailers return policy. Some only give in-store credit and must be returned in person


PUBG Mobile India will likely launch before March 2021

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An official of PUBG Corporation has said that the launch of PUBG Mobile India will not take place before March next year.



PUBG Mobile will not return to India till March next year.

An official of PUBG Corporation said that people have to live with it.

PUBG Mobile was banned by the government earlier this year.

According to a company official, Pub Mobile India will not launch till March 2021. This comes close to the reactions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MITY) to two separate RTI applications filed by the media. P.U.B.G. The corporation is awaiting government approval to bring back the war royals, a global version of which was banned earlier this year. Even though a new version called PubG Mobile India has been censored, PUBG Corporation still seems to be facing difficulties in moving forward.

With the current situation, PUBG Corporation Mobile India does not seem optimistic about the launch. “PUBG Efforts were made with due diligence, but the situation is such that no progress has been made in this regard. "For the next few months, we don't see the game making a comeback in India for the past few months, at least not before March 2021," a PubG Corporation official said in a report from InSidePort. It is unfortunate but everyone has to live with it. This will mean that PUBG Mobile India is coming soon, not even around the New Year.

This news can be as disappointing as PUBG mobile being able to run through global versions in India. So those who know the way around PUBG Mobile, do not pay much attention to launching PUBG Mobile India like some others. Although the void left by PUBG Mobile was filled with a choice of Call of Duty Duty Mobile and Garena Freefire, passionate PUBG mobile players have launched a new version, though they will have to use censored elements in the game.

The launch of PUBG Mobile India was first raised by PUBG Corporation during the Diwali week, raising hopes among players that their favorite Battle Royale is coming soon. There are compromises that they have to make but the game is at least coming. However, the makers of PUBG Mobile India have failed to budget the government for its tough decision. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile due to cyber security concerns. All these expectations which were banned have been taken care of by PUBG Corporation with PUBG Mobile India, but these changes are lessening in assuring the government.

MTY also said in response to two RTI applications that it does not allow any game or app to be launched. This seems a bit misleading as it is the IT Ministry that has the right over India’s internet sector. The ministry banned the applications earlier this year. Moreover, PubG Corporation got a new company called Pubji Mobile India, which was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Bangalore a few days ago.

For those who have a price, it will be difficult for PUBG Mobile to return to the Indian gaming segment. But beyond that, PUBG Mobile shines. It has emerged as the top-earning mobile game of 2020, according to a survey by analytics company Censor Tower.

FAUG Mobile Launch: How to download FAUG game, release date, download link, release date among other things; Everything you need to know

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FAUG Mobile Launch: How to download FAUG game, release date, download link, release date among other things; Everything you need to know

FAUG mobile launch: How to download FAUG game, release date, download link, pre-registration, release date among other things; All you need to know - FAUG (Fearless and United Guards), called PUBG's rival, hasn't even released yet and has already broken records. FAUG pre-registration finally began on Tuesday, a month after the official teaser was dropped on Twitter and the battle royale game saw a record 1.06 million pre-registration in less than 24 hours, though there were no official news on the release date.


Beware of PUBG players, you can be blocked if you use these 3 items in the game

NOTE: FAUG Start date: FAUG all set for release in December

According to the developer, this is the highest number of previous registrations per day.

How to Download FAUG Game?

After the game is launched, it can be downloaded from APP stores or gamers can directly download the APK file via the official website. The game is yet to launch its official website. And right now all the information channels through the nCore games game promoters -

How to pre-register for FAUG or how to get a Pre-Registered LINK for the game?

Previous FAUG registration has begun. In fact, according to the promoters, more than a million people have already signed up for the game. Pre-registration can be done via GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

What is the date of the FAUG release?

Although FAUG promoters have yet to officially announce the release date for the game in India, it is widely thought that the game will be officially released before the end of this year.

How is FAUG different from PUBG?

FAU-G the Made in India Game is ready for launch. As PUBG is still looking for ways to get back to the Indian eco-system, the game is ready to be launched with a new registration for new entrants.

The current Google Play link is for pre-registration only. Once you have subscribed, Google Play will notify the user when the game is available. While everyone compares FAU-G to PUBG Mobile India, these two games will be very different from each other.

What is the FAUG Game Download APK?

Just like any other game FAUG GAME Download APK will only be available after the official launch and release of the game.

Things fans should keep in mind is how FAUG will be different from PUBG


1) FAUG is an action game, PUBG Battle Royale: FAUG is not a war game. An action game while PUBG Mobile India will be a war game royale as its kind of global. Although the company has, on various occasions, stated that it is not a competitor to PUBG Mobile.

2) The first episode will be based in Galwan Valley: Although the promoter company did nothing official, it is thought that the first episode will be based on the Galwan Valley episode. This means that, unlike PUBG Mobile, this one will be based on real events. Earlier the company released a preview of the first episode showing the Indian army on the Galwan Valley border. No details have been released about the weapons that will be used in this game.

A description in the description of the Google Play Store list says, "Up in the northern frontier of India, an anti-bigot group is taking pride in nationalism. It is a daunting task, for the most courageous. Fearless and United Guards. -FAUG on patrol in a dangerous border area. Face face to face with the enemies of India as you join hostile invaders on Indian soil ”.

3) Made in India: Without changing the name to PUBG Mobile India, the game is not widely made in India. This is a modified version of the first game developed by PUBG Corporation in South Korea. In the case of FAU-G, this was done in India, in an Indian game and was done by Bengaluru based nCore Games.

4) FAUG to ensure that player data remains secure: The privacy of player information will never be a problem as it will be maintained within the country. Unlike PUBG banned due to Data Security Issues, FAUG will be fully hosted in India on Indian Data Servers and all user data is completely secure.

5) This is a new game: FAUG is a new game with a new take. PUBG Mobile India is a version designed for the first PUBG Mobile game. The new type of Indian game will come with features that are very suitable for Indian players.

Follow the twitter host to get the latest updates on the FAUG launch date

What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce?


What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce?

Welcome once again to Friends, in this post today we are going to talk about What is Bounce Rate and How To reduce bounce rate and in the first post we talked about the story of ocean churn and Let's hope more about his symbolism and you will like all our articles.

Which will make it easier for you to understand it even better, as well as you should read the entire article because in the final, today I am going to give you some tips which will be very useful in your site later. So let's start delaying the work and know what it is Bounce Rate?

What is Bounce Rate

If you are trying to increase the search performance of your blog or site and it is not happening, then the secret hidden behind it is to first reduce the Bounce Rate. But there are some mistakes in this. There is something wrong with your plan. We will talk further about what is wrong.

So what is this Bounce Rate, when a visitor comes to your website What is Bounce Rate and a page means visit the entrance page and it goes back after that, then it is called Bounce. But Bounce Rate means this is the percentage of visitors who come to your page and go back without clicking on another page.

This means that visitors came and went back immediately without opening any other page or without reading your article. But if this is happening, how to reduce bounce rate, then it is proving that the post on your site is not so interesting or you are not putting much value in it.

Apart from this, it can also be that its design is not very special, the heading is also not attractive. If the Bounce Rate will be high then you should understand that the visitors of your site are decreasing what is the Bounce Rate and if the visitors are decreased then the rank will decrease and ultimately the income will also be less. So, taking an example, let me explain what the Bounce Rate is.

If there is a website or a blog, whose bounce rate is 43%. This means that 43% visitors to that website are such that they open a page and go back immediately. Perhaps they have not found anything worth reading for them. There can be many reasons for this, about which we will learn further.

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What should be the bounce rate

To understand it properly, I have divided it into four parts.

  1. 1% to 10% 4

  2. 10% to 40%

  3. 40% to 70%

  4. More than 70%

If a blog has a bounce rate within 1% to 10%, then it comes in the list of successful websites of the world. After that, if it comes from 10% to 40% then it is Nice. Whereas in the third which is 40% to 70%, most of the websites are included on this basis. Which is not so good but the work is worth going.

If we talk about all websites, then 75% to 80% of the total websites fall in this category. And after all, websites whose bounce rate is more than 70%, what is bounce rate is not good at all and they have to do a lot of work on their website.
If you are wondering whether all types of websites have the same bounce rate, then the answer is no. The bounce rate varies for different types of websites. Here I have given information about some of his figures, which are as follows:

  • Websites with content - 40-60%

  • Lead generating websites - 30-50%

  • Blogs - 70-98%

  • Retail business sites - 20-40%

  • Websites providing any services - 10-30%

  • Landing Pages - 70-90%

Which mistakes cause a website or blog to have higher Bounce Rate

These are some of the mistakes a blogger makes on a common basis, which you must pay attention to.

  • the loading time of the website is high.

  • To have a Single Page Site.

  • Having poor quality contents.

  • Internal link visitor should like it.

  •  Ranking on wrong keywords for Traffic.

  • Because of the lack of quality and content that the user likes.

  • Your website design to be useless.

  • Muffling of Formating.

  • Heading of your content must be special.

How to reduce bounce rate?

1. Site Design and Look Should Be Good

See, friends, you like what you see and then you are attracted. In the same way, if your website and blog look good, then visitors will come to your website automatically and they will also love to read the content. What is Bounce Rate Whenever you are designing your blog, it is very important to have knowledge of Color Combination? You have to know that your visitors will like which colour site.

Choose the font colour and text size correctly, such as if you reddish the font of the entire text, then the reader will be able to kiss it and also keep the text size correct which the visitor should not face any problem in reading. Because there is a saying customer is God how to reduce bounce rate and to make God sad means to kick in your stomach. If you have given a whole lot of animation in your site, then that too does not seem special.

2. Pay attention to Page Load Time

If the page load time of your site is longer. If you are a blogger, then definitely gore on this and it is also very important for SEO.

  • Less than 1-second means- Perfect.

  • 1 second to 3-second malt-Above average is

  • 3 second to 7 seconds mean-average

  • More than 7 means- Very poor

Use limited image and low size image on-page, this will reduce page load time.

3. Write Content Quality

If your content is not of quality, then the visitor will automatically go back from your site, because there are many websites that will be providing better content than your website. What is Bounce Rate like if you are writing content and not giving the right information there, you are writing what came to mind?

If you are giving wrong information in your site, then user means Visitor will take wrong decision according to it, which will bring back the result

As such, Visitor quickly understood what you have written and will grow trust on the site. How To reduce bounce rate Friends, if you give quality content, it will take some time but Visitor will be good and the bounce rate of your site will also be reduced slightly.

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4. Enter Visitors Friendly Heading

Anyone would feel bad for something from outside and something from inside. Often bloggers make this mistake and use clickbait headings which is not true at all.

What is Bounce Rate and the Heading that has been given, something like this and Topic has been written about? This will reduce the trust of visitors from the top of your site. I meant to say that the heading of your post should be understandable. Like I am giving an example.

So what will happen with this, you will know that the Bounce Rate of your site will be higher. Keep your content updated as much as possible. So that you get the right information and Visitor should stay on your side. Rank in Google will also be very quick due to good content.

5. Focus on Content Formating

It is a straightforward matter, write as well as you can. If you will write here and there, you will not be able to do the formatting of your page or your post, then how will Visitor feel. When editing the post, then put a little emphasis on the tag which is to be inserted.

Focus a little on what is Bounce Rate and Paragraph formating. Also, everyone loves to read Formatted Contents.


I have told you through this post and hope that you will like the post, I also hope that you will also read all our posts, if you will find all our posts If you like it then you can tell us by commenting so that we can do more improvement in our writing skills?

Best Free Online Software for Computer


Best Free Online Software for Computer

In today's time, there is very few good software for computers, which are of your use. If you are thinking of buying software for a computer, then before you buy the software, you can use the online free software mentioned in this post. Make sure to use it, you will find it absolutely free on the internet. What address is your problem? Solve its online software.

If you do any professional work, then you need such software very much. And if you have to work now and you do not have that software on your computer, then you may have a lot of problems. But by reading this post you Can solve that problem on its own.

Let's know about Free Online Software


  1. Soundation - Music Creation

Soundetion is very good software. It gives such tools and effects. Only comes with professional music studio software.

You can install it in your browser windows. It has more than 600 audio loops and samples. In this, you can save and publish songs by creating a free account.

If you want the service of recording, you can use its paid plan.

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  1. Photoshop Editor

The online photo editor of adobe is very good for basic image adjustment. With this, you can easily do work like crop, resize, rotate in basic editing.

If you want, you can also work like white balance, soft focus and highlight. There is also an option to fix the quality of any picture in the software so that we can make the low-quality image a little better.

You can save the app image on the computer or upload it on Flickr, Facebook or Picasa.

3. pdf tool

  • With the help of, you can remove the ban on any PDF.

  • With the help of, you can join multiple files at once.

  • The helps of, you can separate the PDF of your work from multiple PDFs.

  • Watermarking, compression, and rotation can be done on PDF with the help of

  • You can protect your PDF with a password from website.

  1. Pixlr

This is an online photo editor. You can prepare (create) new images online using this software. You can upload any image from the computer in it, and open any photo from the url. Are

It has many tools that support layers of layers. It also has many filter effects, levels, controls. And you can save any image on your computer.



  1. OCR

With the help of OCR online, you can convert any scanned documents, PDF files, to a text file and use it according to your own.

To convert any file to text, you have to sign up a cwik.

If you are scanning, then you set it to 300 dpi. In this, you first upload your document, then you can change the format according to your wish.

  1. Video Toolbox

This video editor is mostly used in editing the file format. With its help, you can also change the format of the video.

If you want, you can also add watermark. You can merge the video here, take screenshot and you can remove the part of the video which is not required, and it also gives 1GB cloud storage.

Best Tips To Give Presentation

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Best Tips To Give Presentation: There are many such occasions in the office or school when preparing for a presentation. Prepare all of it well. But we ignore the role of Body Language in the presentation due to which the presentation remains incomplete. So in this post today we will know how we can complete our presentation.

Tips To Give Presentation. Now we will learn some great tips about Body Language in Presentation so that you can make your presentation even better.

Now whether you are a student or working in a company, if you have to give a presentation and say that everyone should come to the society and magnify your work, then follow the presentation tips given below.

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Best Tips To Give a Presentation

Presentation Tip 1: Keep the body straight and comfortable to increase confidence during a presentation! In this way, you can breathe better and stress is also reduced.

Presentation Tip 2: Always look in your audition eyes and talk. People like to listen to people who talk to them eye to eye.

Presentation Tip 3: To make your impact, you should communicate with the audience with your strong attitude. You look confident! Use words that increase confidence in you more. Say something to them in such a way that they forget the whole world and just focus on you.

Presentation Tip 4: To bring alive to the conversation, walk around the place. If you are telling any 3 Points in presentation, then tell them to stand in different places.

Tips 5: During the presentation, keep changing your gesture to keep the attention of the audition and you.

Presentation Tip 6: During the presentation, if you point directly to that particular point to get more attention and see more of the Ussi on the screen. This is how Audiences will follow the signal of your eyes and fingers.

Presentation Tips 7: Make the Audience feel like this during the presentation or feel that it is also an Audience in the Presentation.

Tip 8: Whenever you are answering a difficult question. Keep your mind calm and take a deep breath slowly so that you get time to think about the answer. When answering a question, look straight with confidence in the eyes of the questioner!

Presentation Tip 9: During the presentation, if you want Audiens to lock up your presentation. then smile and tell them that you have liked my presentation. This will increase their and your confidence level as well and it will make your presentation even better and better.

Guys hope you liked my post! If you also follow these tips while giving a presentation. then I can say with 100% claim that your presentation will be the best.

If you like these tips of mine, then you should share them with your friends and tell me by commenting below, that you did not forget this information.

What is the Canonical URL issue?


What is the Canonical URL issue? And how to solve?

Hello friends, if you have a website and you want it to come up on the top of the search, then you have to take full care of the canonical URL as well, because if your post is indexed by more than one URL in Google, then in the ranking Heavy damage can occur. So let's know what the Canonical URL is and how to correct the Canonical Issue.

What is Canonical URL

Say Canonical URL or Canonical Link is the same thing, which is used in HTML. Canonical URL issue it is used as SEO, where if we use the Canonical Tag if the same page in our website is opened with a single URL, then we tell in that which URL is the most, so that duplicate content is not found in the search Appear and gain in the ranking.

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What is the Canonical issue?

A canonical issue arises when 301 redirects do not occur properly. This means that your website can be accessed by the search engine from many different URLs. This means that the search engine can potentially index your site under different URLs, which means that it will look like a duplicate content site.

For example, if you have a website: then the index page can be accessed with all the following URLs:





How to solve the Canonical issue?

Today I will share with you 3 ways to solve this issue. Which will solve your problem 100%.

The best and most effective way to resolve a Canonical issue is a permanent 301 redirect. This can be implemented from the detailed information given below. Canonical URL issue depending on which server your website is hosted on, the methods that you use to implement redirect will depend.

Apart from this, it is also worth logging into Google webmaster tools and setting two profiles for your domain; world Wide Web. Another non www with a prefix. Then go to the site “configuration> setting> preferred domain” and choose which domain you want to use.

1 How to implement 301 redirect with .htaccess file?

If you have hosted your website on any of the following types of servers, then you will be able to use a .htaccess file:

  • Linux

  • Apache

  • Zeus

  • Sun Java

These are the most common hosting servers and also the easiest to implement a permanent 301 redirects. Just copy the code into your existing .htaccess file if you can open a blank notepad document and save it as .htcess.

syntext code

Options + FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine onRewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^ (.) $ Http://$1 [L, R = 301]

RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI} ^ (.) // (.) $

RewriteRule. http: // [R = 301, L]

RewriteCond% {THE_REQUEST} ^ [A-Z] {3,9} \ / (([^ /] + /)) index.html \ HTTP /

RewriteRule index.html $ [R = 301, L] \

You have to replace domain name with your domain name. Depending on your site, you have a .php index page or it cannot be called index, either check it on your website and change it accordingly.

Once the code is edited and copied to the .htaccess file, save it and upload it to the root of the domain (the same location as the index page). These two pieces of code will redirect anyone who accesses the site, including www. prefix is included. And /index.html from the root domain.

Redirecting 301 using 2 Windows servers?

If you host your website on a Windows server, you will need administrative access to the hosting server and 301 to redirect to IIS.

  1. Go to "All program> administrative tool> internet information service"

  2. Navigate to the domain and right-click on it, then choose “Properties”.

  3. Click on the "Home Directory" tab

  4. Select the Radial button "A URL to redirect"

  5. Then enter the URL you want to redirect (e.g.

  6. Click "Ok"

3 Using canonical URL using Yoast plugin?

Yoast SEO (free or premium) adds a canonical URL to your WordPress install for all contents selected by the search engine to index. It works automatically in 99.9% of cases. You do not have to make any more changes for this.

If you want to change them, there is a separate box for this in the Yoast plugin at the bottom when writing the post, where you can enter the canonical URL.

Some steps are given below. You can understand them easily by following them.

1: Log in to your WordPress website.

(When you are logged in, you will be in your Dashboard.)

2: Edit post, page or taxonomy.

(On the left side, you will see a menu that will allow you to navigate to your posts, pages and other contents. Navigate to the individual item to edit the content settings.)

3: For post and page, scroll to Yoast SEO meta box. Under the 'SEO' tab, click to expand the 'Advanced' section.

4: Full canonical URL, which may include http / s and www or non-www., Enter it in the 'Canonical URL' field.

5: Update the post, page or taxonomy.

Note: It will take some time to update in the search console to remove the warning of the Canonical Issue, but your canonical issue will have been solved.

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So friends, hope you have now come to society, what is the canonical URL and what is its importance in SEO, and if there was an error in your Search Console then how to fix it.

You must have used the Search Console, but you do not know the settings required by the search console, which is important. His information is this.

How can you tell information by commenting on it, and if you have any other support related to blogging, then you can also ask for it by commenting.

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