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What Is E-mail Marketing ????And Why is Email Marketing Good?

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What Is E-mail Marketing ????

Today, there are some ways to earn money through online medium. And today its demand has also increased. Because in today's time people sit reception and appearance for opportunities to earn tons of cash . Today we are getting to give information about one such opportunity for them, that's email marketing. Through which you'll earn tons of cash . Now to understand what this is often and the way it's done, you'll need to look during this article. So, you ought to read this text till the top .



What is Email Marketing Definition?


Marketing means promoting a product or service. This happens in some ways , like through social media, or through a web website, or through a blog. But it also can be done through email. once we send email to customers to market a product or service, it's called email marketing. But email marketing means we aren't talking about sending email through mail . Here we are talking about sending emails online ie electronically.


Why is Email Marketing Good?

Email marketing is sweet for several reasons, here we are getting to tell about some reasons -


1- Email marketing costs less: - Email marketing is cheaper. you'll do that yourself, or it also can be done through an email marketing agency. Email marketing helps business owners reach many consumers at very low cost or little to no cost. Because during this you simply need internet and a computer or laptop. for little businessmen, this marketing may be a far better option than other traditional marketing channels like TV, radio or spam .

2.Email marketing is straightforward to measure: - Most email marketing tools provide the power to trace what happens once you send an email. With this you'll specifically track delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, click rate and open rate. this provides you a far better understanding of how your email marketing campaigns are working, and which individuals do not like it. you can't ignore of these things. they're a crucial a part of your internet marketing campaign. Your customers also can unsubscribe to your emails by getting upset with daily emails. So you've got to require care that you simply don't email an excessive amount of . These are meant to urge to understand your customers completely and supply them with better content.

3.Email marketing features a lot of reach: - Email marketing can reach tons of audience during a short period of your time . And with this, the person receiving the e-mail can work on the message immediately. This campaign are often implemented with minimal software, hardware and private investment.

4.It improves brand awareness and relationship between customers: - By sending regular email messages with the proper subject and logo, awareness is spread within the company. And also email creates a reciprocal relationship, which improves the connection between the acceptable customers.

5.It is an efficient thanks to reach customers: - There are some consumers, who just like the products of certain brands considerably . But they are doing not get to understand about the offers or other things of that brand. and therefore the company also doesn't reach its customers. In such a situation, if the corporate or brand tell people about their brand through email marketing, then they will reach many purchasers . So it's also an efficient thanks to reach customers.

6.Email Marketing is personal: - once you send an email in a beautiful way by attempting an email marketing on a topic line, you've got a 20 percent better chance of the recipient opening the e-mail . To encourage or promote small business, you'll send your customers some emails associated with your company's birthday wishes, product offers and interest associated with previous purchases. And when customers read email, it can benefit you.

Email marketing is convenient for of these reasons, and it also can attract customers.


How is email marketing done?

Email marketing isn't a really difficult task. this is often wiped out a number of the subsequent ways -


First of all, you've got to make a decision what quite email you've got to try to to . That is, if you're a blogger otherwise you have an internet site , then you've got to make emails associated with increasing the subscriber or increasing traffic for your website to read your blog. If you've got a business, you'll got to create emails to market the merchandise of your business. aside from this, if you're employed for a corporation , you'll also email for that company.

Once you've got decided what quite email you've got to try to to , then you'll need to prepare an inventory of email addresses to which you would like to mail. you'll need to email an outsized amount, so you'll get an inventory of email addresses in 2 ways. If you've got a blog or website, then you'll get the list from there, for this you've got to place newsletter widgets in your website.


Or you also can allow people that visit your website to comment, in order that both their name and email address will come to you.

Now we even have an inventory of addresses, so now we've to start out emailing. But how will you email in numerous email addresses? For this, you've got to use email marketing tools or software. With this, you'll send emails easily. These tools are designed to send emails to all or any subscribers simultaneously. during which you'll add a link to a replacement post by making an honest template. once you email through it, the e-mail will attend your customer in their name, which can attract them and can open the e-mail . you'll enjoy this.

This is the way email marketing is completed . And during this , the more people will open your email and subscribe it or click on the link in it, the more you'll benefit.



What is File System - What is File System

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What is File System - What is File System

Everything in each computer system is stored according to the files. These files are mainly either data files or application files. Each operating system has its own way of organizing data internally.

The operating system here performs this management with the help of a program called the File System. Here the type of file system determines how to access data and programs. In addition, it also determines which level of accessibility is available to the users.


What are file systems?

In a computer, a file system - written as filesystem - is a method where files are named and where they are placed logically for storage and retrieval.


Without a file system, it is difficult to isolate stored information in individual files and in such a situation it becomes even more difficult to identify and retrieve them. As data capacities increase, then their organization and accessibility of individul files become more important in data storage.


Digital file systems and files have been named and modeled in such a way that only after paper-based filing systems can they store and retrieve documents using the same logic-based method.


File systems are different in different operating systems (OS), such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux-based systems. Some file systems are designed for certain specific applications. Major types of file systems are distributed file systems, disk-based file systems and special-purpose file systems.


Architecture of the file system

Each File System has two or three layers. Sometimes all the layers in the File System are explicitly separated, and sometimes the functions of all the layers are combined into one layer. It depends on that task how to do it.


1. Logical file system - This file system is related to the user application, such as an application program to open (OPEN) the file and read (READ) its data and then the application program to close (CLOSE) the file. Provides the Application Program Interface. This layer provides file access, directory related tasks and security related operations.


2. Virtual file system (optional) - This layer is not required to be present in every file system, this layer is used to manage virtual files.


3. Physical file system - This layer is related to the physical operation of a storage device (such as a disk). It processes the physical blocks to be read or written. It handles buffering and memory management and is responsible for the physical location of blocks in specific locations on the storage medium. The physical file system interacts with the device drivers or with the channel to run the storage device.


How do file systems work?

A file system that stores and organizes data, we can understand the type of an index that indexes all the data of the storage device. These devices can be anything like hard drives, optical drives and flash drives.


File systems specify many things such as naming of files, placing the maximum number of characters in a name, which characters can be used, and many more. Because file names in many file systems are not case sensitive.


Along with the file, file systems also hold many different information such as the size of the file, its attributes, location and hierarchy directory, and also in metadata.


Metadata can easily identify the available storage of free blocks and how much space is available in that drive right now.


A file system also includes a format that specifies the path of the file to the structure of its directory. A file is placed in a directory - or in a folder of Windows OS - or in a desired structure of a subdirectory in a tree structure.


Files are placed in the file systems of PC and mobile operating systems in a hierarchical tree structure.


Before creating files and directories in Storage Medium, partitions must be put in the correct places first. A partition is a region of hard disk or any other storage that the OS manages separately.


A file system is placed in the primary partition, and some OSes allow multiple partitions on the same disk. In such a situation, if one file system is corrupted, then the data in another partition is completely safe.


Types of file systems (according to Operating Systems)

By the way, there are many types of file systems, all of which have different logical structures and properties, such as speed and size. These file system types may be different according to OS or according to OS requirements.


The three most common PC operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The Mobile Operating System includes Apple iOS and Google Android.


Right here We will only know about these major file systems:


1. File allocation table (FAT)

It supports the File System Microsoft Windows OS. FAT is considered very simple and reliable, and has been modeled only after legacy file systems.


The FAT was designed in 1977 for floppy disks, but was later adapted to hard disks. While it is very efficient and compatible with almost all current OSes, FAT cannot match with modern file systems of today if their performance and scalability are compared.


2. Global file system (GFS)

This file system is mainly used in Linux OS. It is a shared disk file system. GFS offers direct access to shared block storage and together it can be used according to a local file system.


GFS2 is an updated version of Original GFS, it has features that you may not see in the original GFS, such as an updated metadata system. Under the GNU General Public License, both GFS and GFS2 file systems are available according to a free software.


3. Hierarchical file system (HFS)

These HFS were developed to be used in Mac operating systems. HFS is referred to by a Mac OS Standard, followed by Mac OS Extended.


It was originally introduced in 1985. For the same floppy and hard disks, HFS completely replaced the original Macintosh file system. At the same time it can also be used in CD-ROMs.


Types of Windows File System

Likewise, there are many types of Windows File Systems, but some of them are very important. So let's know about them.


1. FAT File System

The full form of FAT is “File Allocation Table”. File Allocation Table (FAT) is a file system created by Microsoft in 1977.


This file allocation table is used by the operating system to locate files in the disk. A file can be divided into many sections and can also be scattered due to fragmentation around the disk. The FAT keeps track of all pieces of a file.


In DOS systems, FAT is stored after the boot sector. The use of these file systems started happening more after the arrival of PC.


FAT is still used for a preferred file system, as well as floppy drive media and portable, high capacity storage devices such as flash drives and other solid-state memory devices such as SD cards.


What are the features of FAT File System?


Let us now know about some important features of the FAT File System


Naming Convention

1. The FAT file system that was used by MS-DOS provided only the file name with 8 characters long.


2. The FAT file system used by Windows 2000 used to support long filename.

Here, they used to support the full path of file including filename for about 255 characters long.


3. It can use any character in file names except "/ [] =, ^? A" "


4. File names must begin with an alphanumeric characters.


5. File names can use spaces and multiple periods. In this, the characters after the last period are also treated as file extensions.



FAT neither provides local nor folder security. A user who is logged on to the computer locally then has full access to all the files and folders that are in the FAT partitions of the computer.


Quick Access to Files

FAT provides quick access to files. The speed of file access depends on the file type, file size, partition size, fragmentation and number of files that are in the folder.


2. FAT32 File System

FAT32 is an advanced version of the FAT file system. It can be used in drives whose memory is in the size of 512 MB to 2TB. A very important feature is that it offers compatibility of FAT and FAT32 with other operating systems which is not different from Windows 2000.


What are the features of FAT32 File System?

Let us now know about the features of FAT32,


Partition Size

FAT32 increases the number of bits used to address the cluster.


A cluster set of sectors is called. They reduce the size of each cluster. It supports larger disk (up to 2TB) and provides better storage efficiency.


Access speed

FAT32 provides better file access, in partitions whose sizes are less than 500 MB or larger than 2GB, it provides better disk space utilization.


Types of FAT File Systems

There are also many types of FAT File Systems, let's try to know about them.


FAT12 (12-bit File Allocation Table)

This was a much used version of the FAT file system. The FAT12, was introduced in 1980, right alongside the earlier versions of DOS.


FAT12 is the primary file system of Microsoft Operating Systems up to MS-DOS 3.30 but was also used later.


Or in MS-DOS 4.0. Using FAT12, you can probably see it in a floppy disk.


FAT12 supports drive sizes and file sizes up to 16 MB in which they use 4 KB clusters or 8 KB clusters in 32 MB. The maximum number in a single volume can be 4,084 files (when we use 8KB clusters).


File names that fall under FAT12 cannot exceed the character limit (8 characters), plus 3 for extension.


In FAT12, many file attributes were first introduced which are hidden, read-only, system, and volume label.


FAT16 (16-bit File Allocation Table)

The second implementation of FAT was FAT16, which was introduced in 1984 in PC DOS 3.0 and MS-DOS 3.0.


At the same time a slightly more improved version of FAT16, it was named FAT16B, became the primary file system from MS-DOS 4.0 to MS-DOS 6.22.


At the beginning of MS-DOS 7.0 and Windows 95, a further improved version, called FAT16X, began to be used.


Looking at the operating system and the cluster size used, the maximum drive size ranges from a FAT16-formatted drive to 2 GB to 16 GB, while the latter is only used in Windows NT 4 with 256 KB clusters. .


In FAT16, the file size drives up to max 4 GB with Large File Support enabled, or only 2 GB without it.


The maximum number of files that can be held in a FAT16 volume are 65,536. As with FAT12, file names are placed in the limit of 8 + 3 characters but can be expanded to 255 characters with Windows 95.

How to Signup for Amazon’s Wedding Registry

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How to Signup for Amazon’s Wedding Registry

Step 1 – Amazon Account

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you must first sign up for one.  This is very straight forward process where you add your name, email address and password.


Step 2 – Wedding Registry Creation

The second step is to create your Amazon wedding registry.  After clicking “Create Wedding Registry” you will be prompted through the following three pages:

·          About You

·          Your Wedding

·          Your Privacy

Here is how to fill in the those pieces of information

1.   First enter your full names and include your positions (i.e., Bride, Groom, or Partner)

2.   Next you will be asked to check off whether or not you would like to invite your partner to edit your registry. Don’t forget to check this option, unless of course your partner has given you free reign and doesn’t want to be included in this process. I would highly doubt this is the case — Hello?! Gifts that you have chosen for yourself, who wouldn’t want to be included!

3.   Finally, you will need to add the primary address to where the gifts should be sent.  Tip:  Amazon doesn’t offer the service to hold gifts at this time.  If you are going to be away on your honeymoon and unable to accept packages, you might consider having gifts sent to a friend or relatives address so they can accept and hold the packages until you return.

4.   The fourth and final task on this page is to check off whether or not you would like Amazon to give third-party sellers your address. Which means that many products on Amazon are actually sold through third-parties.  Keep in mind that not all items can be shipped internationally.  If your registry has an international shipping address.

Also, note that some items may become unavailable from the 3rd party seller from the time you add the time to your registry and when a guests actually buys. You should regularly updating your registry so that all items are available.

Step 3 – Info about your Wedding

·          Enter your wedding date

·          Enter your wedding location

·          You can also enter the number of guests attending, but this is an optional choice.

·          Another great benefit is that you can tell your guests you are going green! I know that it’s super fun to unwrap presents like it’s Christmas morning, but if you’d rather save a tree or two, choose to tell your guests that you would prefer no gift wrap.  Of course, it is entirely up to your guests whether they listen or not.

Step 4 – Registry Privacy Settings

There are 3 visibility settings to choose from when setting up your registry. You can update this information at any time.

·          Anyone can see this Wedding Registry: If you are counting on a complete stranger stumbling upon your registry and buying you a gift, than by all means choose this setting.  This is also a good option to choose if you know that some of your parents’ friends/neighbors who aren’t invited to the wedding, but may want to send a gift anyways.

·          Only people with a link can see this Wedding Registry:  If you are private person and would like your event to be kept on the down low, this would be the better option to select.

·          Only you can see this Wedding Registry: This is the best option to choose when initially building out your fantastic wish list.  You can opt to change to one of the other privacy settings once complete.

Privacy Settings: There are also privacy checkbox settings.

·          Include registry in search result on The To select this option, your registry must first be visible to everyone. has teamed with and, to enable your registry showing up on those sites as well. This is supposedly to help guests find your registry more easily. Although, I think if your guests already have the link, they will be able to find you just fine.

·          Signing up for email updates with regards to your status of your registry.  Checking this box will give you email updates when a gift has been purchased.

·          Signing up to receive product offers and discounts. This options is more for Amazon to have your email address for future marketing.  Unless you want a potentially bloated inbox, I would just leave this box unchecked.

Step 5 – Add Gifts to Your Registry

The fun part – adding gifts!

Amazon makes it really easy for you to shop online and find the products you want.  The more difficult part is not adding absolutely everything to your registry.

Once you have found the item that you would like, add the quantity and then click Add to Registry, like the picture below.

What Else Can I Do With My Amazon Registry?

Do you have a few gifts on your registry that you need more than others? Let guests know by setting the priority on those items to say High Priority as seen in the photo below.  Once you set a priority, your guests will be able to see which gifts are top on your wish list.

You can add comments to each product for guests to read.  This is a fun way to tell your guests why you might need a certain item and how it will come in handy in the future.

And here is what your guests will see:

Add a personal touch to your wedding registry by uploading a small profile photo and change the cover photo.


Your wedding registry can easily be shared by through your personal networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even email.

Or you can embed your wedding registry on your website with a provided HTML code.

Amazon Wedding Registry Pros & Cons


·          Largest online selection of brands and items

·          Ability to add items to your registry from a variety of online retailers through Universal Capabilities tool

·          Free shipping available

·          Helpful customer reviews and user submitted questions and answers

·          Gift certificates are accepted on registries

·          Free returns of gifts; the gift giver wont know the gift was returned

·          Ability to add comments and set a priority for each item


·          Amazon doesnt offer holding gifts at this time

·          If an order is placed with a third party seller, returns and customer service are handled by that seller. In that case, you must contact your gift giver to initiate the return

·          Not all items can be shipped internationally

·          Cant walk into a store to see the actual item you are buying

·          Some items may become unavailable from the 3rd party seller, so you will need to regularly check your registry

·          If a guest buys something from somewhere else, you need to find out that retailers return policy. Some only give in-store credit and must be returned in person


PUBG Mobile India will likely launch before March 2021

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An official of PUBG Corporation has said that the launch of PUBG Mobile India will not take place before March next year.



PUBG Mobile will not return to India till March next year.

An official of PUBG Corporation said that people have to live with it.

PUBG Mobile was banned by the government earlier this year.

According to a company official, Pub Mobile India will not launch till March 2021. This comes close to the reactions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MITY) to two separate RTI applications filed by the media. P.U.B.G. The corporation is awaiting government approval to bring back the war royals, a global version of which was banned earlier this year. Even though a new version called PubG Mobile India has been censored, PUBG Corporation still seems to be facing difficulties in moving forward.

With the current situation, PUBG Corporation Mobile India does not seem optimistic about the launch. “PUBG Efforts were made with due diligence, but the situation is such that no progress has been made in this regard. "For the next few months, we don't see the game making a comeback in India for the past few months, at least not before March 2021," a PubG Corporation official said in a report from InSidePort. It is unfortunate but everyone has to live with it. This will mean that PUBG Mobile India is coming soon, not even around the New Year.

This news can be as disappointing as PUBG mobile being able to run through global versions in India. So those who know the way around PUBG Mobile, do not pay much attention to launching PUBG Mobile India like some others. Although the void left by PUBG Mobile was filled with a choice of Call of Duty Duty Mobile and Garena Freefire, passionate PUBG mobile players have launched a new version, though they will have to use censored elements in the game.

The launch of PUBG Mobile India was first raised by PUBG Corporation during the Diwali week, raising hopes among players that their favorite Battle Royale is coming soon. There are compromises that they have to make but the game is at least coming. However, the makers of PUBG Mobile India have failed to budget the government for its tough decision. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile due to cyber security concerns. All these expectations which were banned have been taken care of by PUBG Corporation with PUBG Mobile India, but these changes are lessening in assuring the government.

MTY also said in response to two RTI applications that it does not allow any game or app to be launched. This seems a bit misleading as it is the IT Ministry that has the right over India’s internet sector. The ministry banned the applications earlier this year. Moreover, PubG Corporation got a new company called Pubji Mobile India, which was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Bangalore a few days ago.

For those who have a price, it will be difficult for PUBG Mobile to return to the Indian gaming segment. But beyond that, PUBG Mobile shines. It has emerged as the top-earning mobile game of 2020, according to a survey by analytics company Censor Tower.

FAUG Mobile Launch: How to download FAUG game, release date, download link, release date among other things; Everything you need to know

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FAUG Mobile Launch: How to download FAUG game, release date, download link, release date among other things; Everything you need to know

FAUG mobile launch: How to download FAUG game, release date, download link, pre-registration, release date among other things; All you need to know - FAUG (Fearless and United Guards), called PUBG's rival, hasn't even released yet and has already broken records. FAUG pre-registration finally began on Tuesday, a month after the official teaser was dropped on Twitter and the battle royale game saw a record 1.06 million pre-registration in less than 24 hours, though there were no official news on the release date.


Beware of PUBG players, you can be blocked if you use these 3 items in the game

NOTE: FAUG Start date: FAUG all set for release in December

According to the developer, this is the highest number of previous registrations per day.

How to Download FAUG Game?

After the game is launched, it can be downloaded from APP stores or gamers can directly download the APK file via the official website. The game is yet to launch its official website. And right now all the information channels through the nCore games game promoters -

How to pre-register for FAUG or how to get a Pre-Registered LINK for the game?

Previous FAUG registration has begun. In fact, according to the promoters, more than a million people have already signed up for the game. Pre-registration can be done via GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

What is the date of the FAUG release?

Although FAUG promoters have yet to officially announce the release date for the game in India, it is widely thought that the game will be officially released before the end of this year.

How is FAUG different from PUBG?

FAU-G the Made in India Game is ready for launch. As PUBG is still looking for ways to get back to the Indian eco-system, the game is ready to be launched with a new registration for new entrants.

The current Google Play link is for pre-registration only. Once you have subscribed, Google Play will notify the user when the game is available. While everyone compares FAU-G to PUBG Mobile India, these two games will be very different from each other.

What is the FAUG Game Download APK?

Just like any other game FAUG GAME Download APK will only be available after the official launch and release of the game.

Things fans should keep in mind is how FAUG will be different from PUBG


1) FAUG is an action game, PUBG Battle Royale: FAUG is not a war game. An action game while PUBG Mobile India will be a war game royale as its kind of global. Although the company has, on various occasions, stated that it is not a competitor to PUBG Mobile.

2) The first episode will be based in Galwan Valley: Although the promoter company did nothing official, it is thought that the first episode will be based on the Galwan Valley episode. This means that, unlike PUBG Mobile, this one will be based on real events. Earlier the company released a preview of the first episode showing the Indian army on the Galwan Valley border. No details have been released about the weapons that will be used in this game.

A description in the description of the Google Play Store list says, "Up in the northern frontier of India, an anti-bigot group is taking pride in nationalism. It is a daunting task, for the most courageous. Fearless and United Guards. -FAUG on patrol in a dangerous border area. Face face to face with the enemies of India as you join hostile invaders on Indian soil ”.

3) Made in India: Without changing the name to PUBG Mobile India, the game is not widely made in India. This is a modified version of the first game developed by PUBG Corporation in South Korea. In the case of FAU-G, this was done in India, in an Indian game and was done by Bengaluru based nCore Games.

4) FAUG to ensure that player data remains secure: The privacy of player information will never be a problem as it will be maintained within the country. Unlike PUBG banned due to Data Security Issues, FAUG will be fully hosted in India on Indian Data Servers and all user data is completely secure.

5) This is a new game: FAUG is a new game with a new take. PUBG Mobile India is a version designed for the first PUBG Mobile game. The new type of Indian game will come with features that are very suitable for Indian players.

Follow the twitter host to get the latest updates on the FAUG launch date

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